1. We think we’ve got some great prizes. Whether you fancy taking the holiday of a lifetime, getting behind the wheel of a brand new sports car, donning the latest technology or embarking on a completely new experience, we’ve got it all on our competitions, which refresh every couple of weeks.

2. We have fantastic odds. Most online competition websites charge crazy mark-ups on the real value of their prizes; we’ve seen cars being sold at 5x cost, electronics being flogged at 10x their retail value and all manner of uninspiring prizes being listed at unconscionable margins. These high mark-ups translate to more tickets, and more profit for the website operator, at the expense of the customer. With Dream Maker NI, we take a totally different approach. We keep the number of entries low relative to the cost of the prize, and keep ticket prices low too, meaning that you get a truly fair experience, and ultimately a great chance of winning!

3. We’re totally transparent. We always state the number of tickets available for each competition (unless it’s a charity competition, where we want to raise as much money for the charity as possible), and so you will always be able to know exactly what your chances are of winning right from the outset. Moreover, all of our draws are taken place live on facebook using an independent random number generator. We will publish winners on our website and facebook page.

4. We will always keep ticket prices low. With Dream Maker NI, it’s our philosophy that everyone should have a chance at glory, and that even if you don’t win, you shouldn’t feel hard done by, and you definitely shouldn’t feel a dent in your bank account. Entering competitions should be a source of light-hearted fun, and we want to keep it that way.

5. Even if you lose, you’ve helped someone win. We give a percentage of every ticket purchased to charities that our customers choose, meaning that every ticket spent on the website helps a good cause, even if you don’t win the grand prize that you were hoping for. We also run competitions where the vast majority of the tickets sold are donated directly to a particular charity, to support the valuable and varied work that our charity partners do.

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