August 4, 2020

Why isn’t my payment going through?

If you receive a message indicating that we were unable to accept your payment, please do double check your details and try again. If you’re still having trouble paying, please get in contact with us at or use the live chat feature at the bottom right-hand corner of every page. …

August 3, 2020

Why can’t I currently use paypal?

Whilst our existing payment providers are just as legitimate, secure and PCI & ISO compliant as PayPal, we unfortunately cannot currently take payments using PayPal. The reason for this is that the online competition space has historically been a tricky area for payment providers, and high numbers of customers wanting their money back from poor …

August 3, 2020

How can I pay?

You can pay by debit or credit card on our website, using our payment provider’s secure checkout system. Please be aware that some banks place charges on credit cards when you participate in gambling transactions, and, at times, Dream Maker NI gets classified as a gambling transaction by certain banks. …

August 3, 2020

Are card payments secure?

We use secure, encrypted connections across our website and do not hold your card details on our servers. Our payment providers are fully PCI and ISO compliant, and we leave all of the financial processing to them. Dream Maker NI will never see, store or share any of your financial data. …

August 3, 2020

What if I’ve lost my sign in details?

No need to worry! If you have lost or forgotten your password, just go to the ‘sign in’ page and then click ‘reset password’. If you’ve forgotten the email associated with your account, then please do get in contact with us by clicking the ‘?’ button in the bottom right of the page and we will locate and verify your account. …

August 3, 2020

Is my data secure?

Your data is absolutely secure and we adhere to the Data Protection Act 2018 in how we store and use data. Please refer to our Privacy Policy (link) for more details.

August 3, 2020

Do I need to participate in any publicity requests?

We are a good-natured company and will never ask anyone to participate in any unreasonable publicity requests. You are absolutely entitled not to participate in anything that you are not comfortable with – the only things we always need are a winner photo, and permission to place this photo on our website. …

August 3, 2020

Does Dream Maker NI have any control over the draw.

Dream Maker NI could not, does not, and will never have any access or control over the outcome of the draw. The entire draw process is performed externally by, and the results of each draw are shown live on our facebook page for the public to see as its drawn meaning that we couldn’t affect the process even if we wanted to (which we defi …

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