August 2, 20200

What does Dream Maker NI do for charity?

Charity is right at the heart of our mission, and Dream Maker NI currently supports good causes in two key ways: 1. When you sign up to Dream Maker NI, you will be able to select a charity to sponsor. From that moment on, 5% of every Dream Maker NI ticket you purchase will be donated to your selected charity. Our wonderful members have currently ra …

August 2, 20200

How do I know I have won a competition?

You will receive an e-mail or a call congratulating you! You will also be able to see your name printed on the website as a winner, and if you managed to miss all the announcements, you’ll also likely be put up on social media as a winner. It is super important that you keep your email and telephone details up to date – if we are unable to co …

August 2, 20200

How good are my odds of winning a competition?

Your odds depend on how many tickets are up for sale on the particular competition. For example, if 100 tickets are available in total and you purchase 20 tickets, you will have a 1 in 5 chance of winning the raffle, or even better if it doesn’t sell out! Unless it’s a competition for the benefit of a specific charity (where we want to raise as muc …

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